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I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1987. I spent three years in Florence, studying interior and product design, where I first uncovered this phantasmagorical field. To me, design is a palette of boundless imagination, intuitive approach, aesthetic sense and adventurousness expressed through forms. Design excellently transforms everyday life into joyful process of invention. My designs are playful objects of affection, which are results of slight and uncomplicated impressions, observations or interpretations.Sheer simplicity and attention to details, integrated with profound understanding of the surroundings, the past and the   future, are at the core of my designs.I would like my designs to be more than functional objects, to have the power to magically interact with people.
Based in Berlin, the city which challenges and inspires me every day.

Don For Details 2014 - Planest Surface

/Iconic Chairs Exhibition by Arne Jacobsen and Georgian Designers/Radisson Blu Iveria/September 2016/Tbilisi,Georgia/
/Startup Market 3/July 2016/Tbilisi,Georgia/
/Between Cognac and Africa/Gallery Nectar/June 2016/Tbilisi,Georgia/
/ArtIndustry/MOMA Tbilisi/May 2016/Tbilisi, Georgia/
/A Practice/Gallery Nectar/May 2016/Tbilisi, Georgia/
/SaloneSatellite/April 2014/Milano, Italy/
/Made in Georgia/March 2014/Tbilisi, Georgia/
/SaloneSatellite/April 2013/Milano, Italy/



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